Welcome to my little corner in the world. My name is Rachel, and I work as a photographer in the Twin Cities specializing in lifestyle portraits. I grew up in an extremely creative household, so it was no surprise that I, too, found a passion for the arts. On top of photography, I have an appreciation for editing + graphic design. To see more of my work, be sure to follow me on Instagram:  @therayhwang.

Who is Rachel Hwang? I am a simple person with a lot of love + passion for my family, my career + for God. When I’m not taking photos, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Garrett, and two husky shepherds, Ryder and Reign.

What makes me different? I am far from your traditional photographer. I find that the most beautiful photos are taken off-guard. My goal is to provide a comfortable space for my clients to truly be themselves. I want to capture more than just a face; I want to see the pure emotions and personalities that make up each individual.


What should I wear? I love white + denim, but feel free to bring options! Pastel colors are always fun to work with 🙂

How long until we get our photos? Depends on each session. Typically portraits take anywhere from 7 – 14 days.

How do we receive the photos? I will send the client an email with a link to a digital gallery. From the gallery, clients can download the high resolution edits onto their computer.

Where should I print my photos? I would personally recommend either Nations Photo Lab or AdoramaPix. These two online services have a great reputation for providing high quality prints.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Halle Marcel Photography